Updated 6/18/2018

Who are we?

Freeport United Soccer Club is a non-profit organization, run by volunteers and governed according to the guidelines set forth by Soccer Maine, the governing body for the sport in the state.

The purposes of the Freeport United Soccer Club are:

  • To Provide Freeport area children the opportunity to play soccer competitively against teams from similar soccer clubs in neighboring towns, in the larger Casco Bay and Mid-Coast regions, and in the Sate of Maine
  • To support the development of skillful and intelligent soccer players, to foster joy in playing soccer, and to encourage players to perform to the best of their abilities
  • To nurture an interest in, and an appreciation for soccer among youth players, their families and the community at large
  • To promote fairness, sportsmanship, social, emotional and personal development through the soccer club
  • To promote peer and family participation in the game of soccer

Player Minimum Requirements:

  • 2 years of rec soccer with RSU5-RCE or another towns equivalent program
  • Must attend mandatory evaluation session for Fall season (typically held in early May)

Practices and Games:

Fall Season

Players will typically train twice weekly for approximately 90 minutes per session. The 6 “league games” are played on Sundays.

The players will also compete in the Crossroads Challenge in Gray, ME during Columbus Day weekend, as well as an end of season tournament or festival.

Spring Season:

Players will typically train once weekly for approximately 90 minutes per session. The 6 “league games” are played on Sundays. At this time no tournaments or festivals are planned for the spring season.

Team Formation:

  • Teams are formed in each age bracket (U-9 to U-14) for both boys and girls. The player’s age as of August 1st is used to determine the appropriate age bracket to roster the team, as determined by Soccer Maine guidelines. Players born between August 1st and September 30th may play up with their grade level if desired.
  • In the event of having multiple U-9, U-10 or U-11 teams; each team will be equal in overall skill as determined during the evaluation process. U-9, U-10 and U-11 teams are competitive, however they play in “non-results” oriented games.
  • The U12 age group will follow the same strategy for multiple teams per age group as U9 – U11 and create new teams in the fall. All U12 teams will play in the same Division. Playing Division 1 or Division 2 will be determined by their coaches, Coaching Directors and the FUSC Board.
  • In the event of having multiple U-13 or U-14 teams, an A team and B team will be chosen as determined during the evaluation process. U-13 and U-14 teams are competitive and players are selected based upon their skill level. The U-12, U-13, & U-14 teams play in “results oriented” games. The FUSC policy and procedures outline the selection process in more detail.

Team Placement:


  • Freeport United seeks to increase soccer participation levels by fielding as many teams as possible and by rostering as many players per team as is practical.
  • The Club holds “evaluations” (not to be confused with try-outs) to help place players on the team that best suits their age and ability.
  • The Club believes that team size is an important factor in player development and subscribes to the guidelines set forth by Soccer Maine. The following are the recommended maximum roster sizes:
    • U9 & U10 (7 v 7) 12 players
    • U11 & U12 (9 v 9) 16 players
    • U13 and up (11 v 11) 20 players
  • In the event that a given age group has more players than the maximum, but not enough to form another team, evaluation results will determine the “rostered players”
  • In addition to “rostered” players, coaches may elect to take on up to 5 “training” players. Training players are not guaranteed game playing time but they are welcome to participate in practices in order to develop their skills
  • Roster cuts are the last resort. Before getting to that point the Club will attempt to satisfy the desires of each player and their families.  Options that will be considered include:
    • Fielding additional teams
    • Selecting players to “play up” with an older team
    • Participation as a training player

Evaluation Process

  • Evaluations will be held in early May or June for the Fall season. It is mandatory that players interested in playing for Freeport United attend this session, even if they have played for the club in a previous season.
  • Players will be evaluated by a two-three person committee assigned by the FUSC board. Coaches or potential coaches will not be on the evaluation committee for that age group.
  • If the FUSC Board of Directors sees a significantly low evaluation score, it reserves the right to counsel parents and players to consider additional experience at an alternative soccer program level before pursuing travel soccer in the future. This approach will help to insure that each player, regardless of where they play, will enjoy a rewarding and skill development focused experience in soccer.

Coaching Staff:

While our coaches are all volunteers, many of them have coached and/or refereed for years. Others have played at the high school or college levels. Each team is required to have at least one licensed coach. Coaches are required to hold at least his or her Youth Module License (for U9, U10 and U11 level teams) and his or her USSF “E” license at all other levels (U12, U13 and U14).