Latest Updates 11/16/15

Fall 2015 Closing Messages

Fall 2015 season has finished and FUSC would like to thank everyone for helping make it another great season!  Freeport United continues to grow and become more successful on and off the field and we can’t do it without all of the players, parents, coaches, team administrators, board members, officials and greater RSU 5 community at large.  A special thank you to outgoing FUSC President Alan Gould for all of his contributions to FUSC over his tenure.

On the field, our boys and girls continued to represent themselves and FUSC proudly during the regular season, Patriots Challenge Cup, end of season festivals and State Cup Playoffs.  An extra special notice of recognition and congratulations to the Driscoll Boys U14 team that made it to the FINALS of the Division 1 playoffs; a first for any FUSC team at Division 1 level; awesome job!

Spring 2016 season will start up again in the new year so please watch this space for updates on registration and pre-season information.


Message from Concessions

On behalf of Jen Manekis and the rest of the FUSC concessions team, we’d like to thank everyone for all of your assistance with keeping the concession stand well stocked and operational during the season. This season we instituted the team sign up policy and appreciate all of the teams for your participation and support.


Thank you,

Jennifer Maneikis


Please see the Equipment / Merchandise page for information on FUSC items for sale.